Ranjit Makkuni delivers rhythmic gymnastics across his ferocious single, ‘Saxy Sitar’.

Epitomising the experimental and diverse nature of the Mahamaya Experience, Ranjit Makkuni’s noteworthy contributions have consistently evoked feelings of certitude and contentment. Combining the mystical sounds of Southeast Asia with contemporary Western influences, his progressive attitude has frequently introduced listeners to his avant-garde musical approach.

Trading the ethereal atmosphere of ‘Durga Prayer’ for this infectious, up-tempo, groove fest, ‘Saxy Sitar’ reveals the sheer versatility of Makkuni. Immediately erupting into the compelling Sax-Sitar-Bass combination, the International phenomenon demonstrates remarkable levels of confidence, casting a cadenced structure through which each of the instruments contribute to the track’s gleaming radiance.

Watch the psychedelic visualiser for ‘Saxy Sitar’ on YouTube.

While the buoyant sax grooves inflict the elegance of any worthy Jazz tune, it’s the pummelling bass and intricate drumming which propels ‘Saxy Sitar’ to impressive heights. Following an explosive 4/4 groove, the track’s 7 beat cycle instigates a sense of calculated chaos, where the fluctuant rhythms infuse a real sense of exhilaration. Employed with such conviction, the track’s time signature draws parallels with some of Math-Rock’s most intriguing output, with its unique combination of instruments evoking feelings reminiscent of Foals’ debut album, ‘Antidotes’.

Rounded off with the glistening arpeggios which spiral between each groove, Makkuni ensures there remains nothing ‘conventional’ about ‘Saxy Sitar’. A futuristic take on what is already considered an experimental style of music, Makkuni’s risks are exactly what fans have grown accustomed to over at the Mahamaya Experience. With its blistering tempo, signature sitar, and emphatic grooves, ‘Saxy Sitar’ showcases every ounce of Makkuni’s musical prowess, combining his passionate Asian roots with the intoxicating bedlam of Math-Rock. A recipe you never knew you needed – until now!

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