Ranjit Makkuni finds strength and resilience across the 12-minute improvisational epic, ‘Durga Prayer’.

A spiritual movement showcasing the very best of the transcendental music transpiring from Southeast Asia, the Mahamaya Experience commonly revels in its experimental fusion of Pop, Rock & Jazz, with their impressive catalogue frequently cited as evoking feelings of hope and freedom. Their latest release, ‘Durga Prayer’, is a 12-minute improvised invocation, which captures the essence of human existence in a manner which no word could ever.

With renowned sitarist, Ranjit Makkuni taking centre stage across the duration of the track, the plucky sounds of the Indian instrument play a prominent role in dictating the mystical, yet inspiring ambience of the track. A staple throughout Hindustani classical music, the sitar is distinguished by the presence of its sympathetic strings, designed to support the melodic arrangement of the track by resonating and reinforcing the sound of the plucky notes. These sympathetic strings play a prominent role throughout ‘Durga Prayer’, featuring heavily throughout the track’s pentatonic scale, and inducing a meditative state as a result of the reverberated, echoing sounds.  

Mahamaya Experience are renowned for shedding light on some of the most vibrant music transpiring from Southeast Asia.

The track’s mystical expedition is an experience which needs to be encountered in its entirety. Beginning with its spacious, elongated improvisation, ‘Durga Prayer’ succeeds in emanating feelings of hope and purpose. Combining the incisive nature of the sitar with the overall serenity of the atmosphere, the track forges its own spiritual realm, encouraging a comprehensive exploration of the mind, while the presence of the sitar serves as a conscious reminder of the listener’s presence.

As a potent tribute to the protective mother of the universe, ‘Durga Prayer’ emphatically resonates with the power and wisdom of the Hindu Goddess. Channelling this sense of strength and protection through the bold, valiant sounds of the string instrument, Makkuni triumphantly encapsulates the sea of red as depicted through the album artwork, symbolically denoting the passion and intensity which exists right across the track.

Culminating in an explosive, and somewhat erratic final 2 minutes, the resolute experience is brought to a close having overcome every ounce of negative emotion. While undoubtedly a novel experience over here at Cultural Reset, we’re unable to stress just how impactful this experimental composition is, both musically and spiritually. You won’t be disappointed!

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