The singer-songwriter’s liberating new single is full of positivity and vibrancy.

While music has long been known to have perceivable impacts on emotion, the sorrow state of the world can sometimes leave us seeking soundwaves which empathise with our dejected mindset. But while there is undoubted satisfaction to be gained through engaging with this melancholic soundscape, it’s easy to forget just how spiritually uplifting music on the opposite end of the spectrum can be.

Eager to present music’s vibrant healing qualities, Darren Marc Levene’s latest single, ‘I’m Free’, serves as the epitome of liberation. A refined singer-songwriter who was born and raised on Long Island, Levene’s artistic endeavours extend back to his teenagehood, where he began writing and performing original music at the age of 15. Primarily established upon the conventional sounds of pop and rock, the musician’s work is also heavily influenced by his devoted relationship to Kirtan, a spiritual form of call-and-response chanting. Integrating this mantra into his experienced musical repertoire, the spirited singer-songwriter is keen to utilise his talents to spread messages of peace and love. Conveying these themes throughout his latest track, ‘I’m Free’, Levene’s positive outlook offers a welcomed breath of fresh air, as well as reinforcing the overwhelming strength of music.

While essentially a minimally produced record, the track’s bouncy acoustic rhythms immediately inject a sense of vibrancy into the atmosphere. Supplemented by the resounding bass and reggae inspired percussion, ‘I’m Free’ features some distinctly momentous qualities. Attributable to its pulsating drum fills, the track is also blessed with vigorous grooves and a sense of danceability, reaching deep inside the soul and delivering an abounding wave of positivity.

A track predicated on the idea of mental, physical, and spiritual freedom, this concept is celebrated as the shackles are released and Levene finds himself “free to fly at last”. Accentuated by the heavenly vocal harmonisations, the musician is able to emanate a sense of warmth and purity through his soft, unblemished vocals. Sang with a swaggering aura and astounding levels of self-assurance, the lyric; “I’m free to live my greatest destiny” serves as the pinnacle of such sanguinity, as the songwriter embraces every ounce of optimism, while simultaneously crushing any intruding cynicism. An emphatically warming sonic experience, ‘I’m Free’ combines Levene’s musical experience and spiritual freedom, culminating in a buoyant track whose glowing elation would provide the perfect start to anybody’s day.

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