The French composer continues his impressive run of form, releasing two new entrancing songs.

A flourishing French musician/composer, Pierre Lecarpentier’s ever-expanding catalogue continues to hypnotise fans and music listeners alike. Compiled of several mystifying singles and EPs, Lecarpentier’s trade has been established upon his absorbing composition, whose compelling arrangements and lustrous production have proven to initiate rousing spiritual experiences.

Following the success of his 2021 EP, ‘Braindead’, the French musician has spent the following year refining his sound, with singles such as ‘Somewhere Nowhere’ beautifully capturing the extensive range of emotions emanating from his dynamic instrumentation. Eager to capitalise upon this stable artistic framework, the composer’s latest single, ‘Life, Hopes & Despair of the Little Rainmaker’ epitomises the wealth of intrigue surrounding his art, which alongside its gutsy B-side, ‘Forgotten Dreams’, ensures the adept musician continues on his upwards trajectory.  

Pierre Lecarpentier has previously described his style as “folk on steroids”

Adopting a style heavily engrained in the psychedelia of late 60’s Rock, Lecarpentier’s innovative qualities provide a cutting edge to his work, fusing a sound described by himself as “folk on steroids”. His latest single certainly adheres to this configuration, starting out with a minimal acoustic loop, whose prominent fret noise denotes the remarkable intimacy of the track. Composed in a manner which resembles boundless levels of intrigue, the spoken word piece delivered by Onderdeindruk only exemplifies this mysticism, introducing a little boy residing in the clouds, whose “dreams are bigger than his mind”.

Opening out into a spacious atmosphere, the deadly combination of cinematic strings and ethereal piano keys transforms the ambience of the track, whose rich, momentous instrumentation draws the production to a dramatic climax. Employed in a manner which resembles a collection of grey clouds up above, the introduction of the fuzzy, distorted guitar solo seemingly captures the parting of the clouds, with the falling of the rain embodied by the dark and abrasive sounds of this epic lick. Combining the glistening sounds of the piano with the distorted mix, ‘Life, Hopes & Despair of the Little Rainmaker’ is a track which captures the duality of life, simultaneously emitting feelings of hope and misery.

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Accompanied by an equally engaging track, the single’s B-Side, ‘Forgotten Dreams’ carries a hint of nostalgia in its sparse tambourine and heavy, reverberated guitar crossover. Employing similar transitional qualities to its counterpart, this track revolves around an entrancing guitar riff, whose progressive crescendo seemingly captures the overwhelming nature of an occupied mind. Allowing the track to gradually intensify before abruptly transitioning into serenity, Lecarpentier is able to showcase every ounce of his compositional proficiency, yielding an emotive passage whose atmosphere alone is sufficient to capture the notion of forgotten dreams. This ties together yet another neat single, as the French musician continues his hot streak of impactful, psychedelic bodies of work.

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