The U.K. producer delivers his darkest and most visceral song to date.

Having previously turned heads with the release of impressive singles such as ‘Down’ and ‘Who We Are’, the U.K. experimental musician continues to stamp his mark on the electronic music scene, with his latest single, ‘Lost Ones’, being his most visceral track to date. Conjured up in the infamous ‘Spells’ Lab’, the producer’s latest effort sees him continue to work his magic, fusing elements of multiple genres in order to create a distinct sound with authentic qualities.   

Renowned for his signature blend of ambient and dark-pop aesthetics, Spells carries this infectious crossover into his latest piece of art. Adopting an open and spacious mix, the producer successfully creates a moody ambience, through which the dense layering and minimal instrumentation leaves a lot for the listeners’ imagination. Having dictated a sombre framework for the intricate percussion, Spells’ rousing 808’s hold a prominent role in accentuating this dreariness, and do so in a chilling manner. Arranged to achieve maximal emotional impact, his isolated production is a testament to his artistic merits, and serves as a sensational backdrop to the emotive vocal melodies which are layered on top.

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Fully engaged with the overwhelmingly dark atmosphere, Spells’ poignant vocal harmonies consolidate the feeling of sorrow which beautifully haunt the track. Portraying a sense of despair through the lyric, “staring down the barrel of a shotgun”, the U.K. musician proceeds to intensify these strenuous thoughts through dynamic vocal performances and explosive percussion effects. Alternating between deep distortion and pitch shifted vocals, Spells creates a diverse soundscape, which allows him to place emphasis on certain words, and utilise mild autotune to produce some heartrending melodies. Indicative of the producer’s polished edge, the notable fade placed on his vocals serves as a glossy touch to what was already an emphatically produced track, while also tying into the concept of absentness.

Accompanied by a staggering music video, the track’s opaqueness is captured through some exquisite black and white motions, whose slick transitions deliver a movie of the highest quality. Culminating in a dark and mysterious piece of art, ‘Lost Ones’ presents the very best of Good Spells’ minimal yet impactful production style, combining his dynamic vocals and reflective ambience to deliver an outstanding track with emotional connotations.  

Watch the official music video for ‘Lost Ones’ on YouTube.

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