Mahamaya Experience considers life’s infinite outcomes on their trailblazing track, ‘2 trains’.

An ethereal experience established upon the vibrant sounds of the exhilarating World Music scene, the Mahamaya Experience has continually basked in its ability to transcend the listener into a ‘non-ego’ driven spiritual existence. Consistently challenging musical conventions, their experimental delineation of sentience serves as the crux to their enlightened and numinous approach to music.

As the driving force behind the multicultural outfit, adept sitarist and composer Ranjit Makkuni plays a pivotal role in the creative direction of the project, with his virtuous musicianship allowing each track to embark upon its own unique journey. The heartening ballad, ‘2 Trains’, is certainly no exception, extracting 3 themes from a near 20-minute piece of improvised music. Adhering to the pentatonic minor while adopting frequent subtle changes in rhythm, Makkuni’s mystical playing helps mould an emboldened atmosphere, whose imperishable shades of expectation find assurance  within each warm and vibrant melody.

Ranjit Makkuni is the creative force behind Mahamaya Experience.

Premised on the idea that life’s outcomes pertain to a chain of endless capacity, the trusting nature of ‘2 trains’ explores a hypothetical concept by which 2 soul mates embrace life’s tribulations, finding comfort in the hope that one day the stars (or trains) will align. Symbolically depicting a reality where at any given moment 2 paths may cross in a manner so organic and beautiful, the track’s sense of purpose is channelled throughout the motivational music. Beginning with the opening theme, the one-minute span of optimism kickstarts through the bustling percussion and buoyant tone of the sitar, both of which combine to evoke feelings of passion and enthusiasm.

Encompassing the overall theme of belief, the track’s second passage, ‘Variations of the Theme’, contains minor tweaks in rhythm, each of which denote the unpredictability of life. An ever-present feature throughout the track’s duration, the unwavering nature of the percussion seemingly resembles the train motoring across the track with an assured element of purpose. This gains momentum into the emphatic ‘Conclusion Cadence’, where the up-tempo rhythm and entwined melodies harmonise in a manner which culminates in an overwhelming sense of sanguinity.

A revolutionary approach to the way in which we consume music, these 3 clips beautifully capture the volatility of life, finding comfort within the endless possibilities which lie ahead. Condensing 20-minutes worth of improvisation into a range of concise themes, the Mahamaya Experience once again delivers on all fronts, with their audacious approach to music undoubtedly paying off.     

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