Jahmark & The Soulshakers lead the fight for freedom with their latest reggae jam, ‘Vigilance’.

Consisting of gifted Jamaican singer-songwriter, Jahmark, and the dynamic formula of The Soulshakers, both acts have frequently combined powers to fuse an authentic amalgamation of classic roots reggae and soulful blues. The band’s magnetism has seen them capture the spirit of reggae for over 2 decades, presenting themselves as one of the genre’s most scintillating acts with the release of many enthralling albums. In the lead up to their imminent new album, the band have teased the emphatic title track ‘Vigilance’, capturing the very essence of reggae right from its staccato, offbeat rhythms, down to its stimulating and inspirational lyricism.

Kickstarting with a buoyant reggae fill, The Soulshakers immediately set the tone of the track with their inspirational refrain of fighting “til’ we get our rights”. A vivacious 5-minute epic, these galvanising themes are channelled through the rich instrumentation and compact mix, among which the nuanced composition welcomes enticing elements designed to support Jahmark’s passionate and evocative vocals. These include the swanky bass grooves, electric piano/guitar melodies and the infamous reggae skank, combining to form the basis of a motivational, uplifting track.

Listen to the reggae outfit’s emphatic new track ‘Vigilance’ on YouTube.

Renowned for its rich lyrical history of social commentary, reggae music is widely associated with the condemnation of racism, colonialism, and corrupt political systems. ‘Vigilance’ certainly adopts this approach, with its defiant lyricism refusing to shy away from societal issues. “Gotta be watchful, gotta be mindful, got to be alert” is what Jahmark harmonises in a skippy flow – an informative lyric given inspirational qualities due to the presence of the resounding horn instruments. Shedding light on the injustice and inequalities which have plagued society for centuries, Jahmark continues to remain vigilant, making references towards “Babylon” and “crooked politicians”, as well as delivering some incredibly thought-provoking lyrics such as, “one man’s terrorist, is another man’s freedom fighter”. While there certainly exists a despondent tone to the lyrics, the resonant instrumentation serves as a constant inspirational reminder that freedom can certainly be achieved, both internally and externally. These elements combine to form a truly exceptional track, whose beautiful instrumentation and challenging lyrics are impossible to not become inspired by.

‘Vigilance’ is taken from the band’s latest album release of the same title. Stream the album on Spotify.

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