The Canadian composer flaunts his versatility as he teases two new singles in the lead up to his diverse new album, ‘A Colourful World’.

The Canadian composer is gearing up for the release of his new album, ‘A Colourful World’.

Following the epic heights reached on his 2021 ‘The Fall Of Man’ EP, the experimental-classical extraordinaire returns with two contrasting singles, as he begins to unveil the eclectic sounds of his new album ‘A Colourful World’, tipped for release on September 25th.

The first of these singles, ‘Beauty Lives Here’, offers a stark contrast to the mournful shades of cynicism explored across his last EP. Opening with the syncopated piano sounds and delicate kick drum, the track gains momentum through the gallant, resounding strings. Becker’s fine composition and exquisite layering places emphasis on every detail integrated into the mix, culminating in a bold, defiant atmosphere which evokes the sheer power of happiness. As the strings become animated extending into a higher pitch, the percussion also evolves into a minimal, techno inspired beat, where the scintillating hi-hats brilliantly capture this feeling of exultation.

The album cover for ‘A Colourful World’ which will be released on September 25th. Pre-Save:

Accompanied by a vibrant music video, Becker further enhances the spirit of ‘Beauty Lives Here’. Seamlessly transitioning between shots of people running with joy, the tempo’s gradual rise seemingly resembles an increased pulse rate, through which the pronounced sound of the kick drum reflects the distinct beating of a heart. Through the breathtaking shots of sunset, seaside, and greenery, Becker not only finds purpose in life, but goes as far as extracting the beauty that exists within it. Combining these landscapes with the motivational tone of the track, ‘Beauty Lives Here’ captures the purity of life, and serves as a truly inspirational body of work.

Watch the breathtaking official music video for ‘Beauty Lives Here’ on YouTube.

‘Petrichor’, Becker’s second new single, offers a noticeable shift in ambience, with the sombre piano arpeggios and heartrending strings inducing feelings of pain and resentment. Equally as stunning as ‘Beauty Lives Here’, the charm of ‘Petrichor’ lies within its galvanising composition, through which the emphasised dynamics provide a cinematic feel to what is an extremely evocative piece of music. As the atmosphere grows to become denser, the desolate combination of the piano and violin reach into your soul and excavate every ounce of grief and heartache hiding beneath the surface.

The official music video for ‘Petrichor’ is now available to watch on YouTube.

Becker’s ability to induce equally as strong emotions across such contrasting pieces of music is a testament to his compositional talents. With both singles offering a glimmer of what is to follow, we now look forward to the full release of ‘A Colourful World’ next month.

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