Hello Fiasco confront nostalgia on their explosive single, ‘Hold Me Close’.

Released on the 5th of May as the lead single taken from their enthralling debut album, Find The Shoreline, ‘Hold Me Close’ has propelled the status of Canadian-American Pop-Rock outfit, having already been streamed more than 330k times on Spotify.

A melodic masterpiece entwined with Eric LaBossiere’s poignant lyricism, ‘Hold Me Close’ excels across all fronts, serving as the paradigmatic single to propel the quintet’s passionate and evocative songwriting to the mainstream.

Stream ‘Hold Me Close’ from the album ‘Find the Shoreline’ on Spotify.

Kickstarting with the cloudy, distorted riff which captures the suffocation of a jaded relationship, Eric’s reflective tone finds himself reminiscing the freedom and elation of what was once considered a blossoming romance. “We do the things we’ve done – over and over” he sings with enervated breath, accompanied by the static percussion which elucidates the stagnancy of the relationship.

But as the song unfolds and the hi-hats become more prominent, Eric’s memories reignite the flame he was searching for, with the prodding bass and intoxicating guitar riffs rejuvenating the delectation as he pleads; “can you hold me close and help me remember?”

These themes of rumination and nostalgia are further explored throughout the track’s official music video, which itself has gained immense traction, being watched over 105k times on YouTube. Produced by the band alongside Alain Muller, Hello Fiasco showcase their diverse creative palette, with inventive scenes such as the motionless car reinforcing this sense of a lifeless relationship heading nowhere.

The band in front of the hazy backdrop used in the thrilling official music video for ‘Hold Me Close’. Photo credit: JSenftphotography

But as is the case with the music, the couple delve into their souls, with newfound strength seeing them transition from avoiding eye-contact at breakfast, to descending into the hazy sunset in rapturous fashion. The band’s artistic power culminates in a song & video which coexist as a one expressive piece of art, setting the stage for the remarkable album which is to follow on August 4th.

Watch the official music video for ‘Hold Me Close’ on YouTube

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KEVIN A · August 6, 2022 at 12:35 am

What a single! Love the couple in the video and the storyline!
Really love the driving bass
Hope to see them when they come to HAWAII!!!

Jenny Tencha · August 6, 2022 at 12:43 am

I just heard this song go into my Apple music feed and wow! Did not know this band existed until then.Then I saw there is all kinds of atuff about them out there – and they’re from Canada. Love Canadian bands. So glad I found them and I agree with this review. “Hold Me Close” is awesome!

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