Rick Fouche flaunts his charisma in the dazzling new music video for ‘Never Leaves’.

‘Never Leaves’ marks the emphatic return of the charismatic New Jersey singer, with his playful blend of Blues, Soul and R&B moulding a buoyant, upbeat track radiating with positive energy. Caressing the beat with his smooth, soulful vocal display, the track’s retro feel is enhanced by the funky grooves, exuberant claps, and electrifying tempo – all of which combine to form what is a nostalgic, syncopated track brimming with contagious ecstasy.

Rick’s blissful aura can be felt right across the track, with warming lyrics such as “your happiness and joy surround me” capturing the tender purity of true love. With his irresistible charm and confident delivery, the bubbly feel of the track transcends his heartening lyrics to produce catchy, entrancing refrains such as the opening line; “they come, they go – but you’re the only one”.

One of the many remarkable effects on display in the music video for ‘Never Leaves’.

Accompanied by a vibrant, trailblazing music video, Rick expands his creative sphere with some innovative, retro shots displaying the sharpness of a black, white and red contrast, which is particularly reminiscent of the stunning camera work used in Marvel’s WandaVision. With the absorbing effects, slick transitions and dazzling contrasts all revolving around the joyful dance choreography, Rick Fouche ensures his creative visions conjure up a video which admirably captures the exultation of the song.

Watch the official music video for ‘Never Leaves’ on YouTube.

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