Tarah Who? opens the gates of Heaven with ‘Toast to the Brave’.

Back with their second release of 2022, the LA-based grunge duo follow-up the enthralling post-punk ‘Asian Blood’ with the equally frenetic ‘Toast to the Brave’. Fuelled with sheer hostility and an unrelenting attitude, their latest effort contains all the ingredients required for a grunge-punk classic; an infectious baseline, a head-stomping rhythm, electrifying riffs and some unapologetic lyrics.

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The forbidding atmosphere is present right from the off, with Tarah immediately cautioning the listener with the lyrics; “Don’t be afraid, you got to get brave”. As Coralie Hervé’s militant drumming comes to the fray, this malevolence is only exemplified, setting the stall for Tarah’s authoritative vocal display to cast the track into oblivion.

Amidst the nightmarish cries of “dead, dead, dead”, there exists incredible nuances within Tarah’s lyrics, allowing her to paint detailed pictures of recent 2021 events with her comprehensive storytelling. These narratives add further fire to the flame, injecting emotion into verses dedicated to the sinking of an Indonesian submarine, the resilience of a personal friend, and the excruciating severity of the harrowing death penalty.

These elements combine to detonate the animosity of a track inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday, with the duo’s brutal honesty well and truly opening “the gates of Heaven”.

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