Nasim Siddeeq delineates the purity of true love on his new track, ‘I Want You’.

Working alongside Grammy-Nominated engineer Traviso Milner, Nasim Siddeeq has come through with an incredibly charming R&B track, whose tender attitude remarkably captures the very essence of true love. Enticing the listener with his alluring vocals and charismatic style, Nasim’s magnetism is everything you look for in a passionate R&B performance – and he delivers on all fronts.

With the slow-paced production adding to the sensuality of the track, Nasim delivers some heartfelt lyrics which emulate the glowing atmosphere. “What’s beneath that skin’s so beautiful” – he sings during the opening verse; a lyric so simple, yet potent, which immediately showcases his devotion for his significant other. As the track unfolds, this affection is ratified, with the lyrics “a little argument, we make love then we bounce right back” signifying a relationship based on communication and intimacy.

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Incorporating elements outside of R&B such as the refined guitar solo, Nasim is able to induce a nostalgic element to ‘I Want You’ – one which I’m sure lovers across the globe will find relatable. Despite being a personal track with obvious sentiment, the simplicity and accessibility of ‘I Want You’ results in a catchy, heart-warming track which reflects just how pure love can be.

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