Darshae Kiér adapts to his newfound wealth on ‘Money’.

Taken from his 6-track EP, ‘Gone’, released at the beginning of the year, the Miami pop phenomenon’s new track addresses the internal conflicts associated with Sudden Wealth Syndrome. Along with success comes wealth, and along with wealth comes extravagance. But in spite of this newfound lavish lifestyle which consists of expensive rounds, “deep pockets” and “designer models”,  Darshae humbly insists on keeping “my wits about me”.  

Drawing inspiration from an array of genres, ‘Money’ combines elements of Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B, fusing this unlikely amalgamation of styles to assemble a unique take on modern Pop – which may well be the soundtrack to your summer. The crisp production sees an intricate electric guitar loop intertwined with the trap drums and prominent 808s, forming the basis for Darshae’s refined, smooth R&B vocals to glide their way across the track.

Stream ‘Money’ off Darshae’s 6-Track EP, ‘Gone’

Darshae has settled on a winning formula with his latest EP, with the sensual, charismatic melodies extracting the most out of his exceptional vocals. These tonalities inject life into the memorable chorus, where the addictive refrain of “They got me spending money” adds an element of introspection to the track.

While a luxurious, exuberant summer hit, Darshae’s realisation that life’s becoming “out of control” shows he remains in touch with his roots, pondering as to whether this life of hundreds and thousands is really worth all that comes alongside it?

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Stream Darshae’s ‘Gone’ EP via: https://darshaekier.lnk.to/Gone


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