Confront your traumas with SAVARRE’s new track, ‘Scars’.

Deviating from the belligerent hard-rock encountered on tracks such as ‘Unbeautiful’ and ‘Blood Under the Bridge’, the band’s 6th and latest single emanates the ethereality which resides within singer-songwriter Shannon Denise Evans’ evocative vocals. The outcome is an eerie, operatic, performance in which the emphatic crescendo resembles the opulence of a Bond theme.

Speaking on the new single, Shannon articulates her afflictions in a receptive manner, explaining how “the experiences that created my scars made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient”. This fortitude translates directly over to her lyrics, as she sings “maybe that I’ll be more than just my scars” – a powerful lyric which sees the songwriter embrace her anguish, while attributing her resolute nature to the adversities in which she’s faced.

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Not only a singer-songwriter, but also a composer, playwright, and novelist, Shannon’s multi-faceted attributes encapsulate the eclectic nature of the band, whose diverse approach to music sees the New York avant-garde outfit deliver both rawness and authenticity to their latest single. This innovation can be found in the delicate arrangement, of which the minimal four-note looped piano melody adopts a “less is more” policy, providing an intimate backdrop for Shannon’s vulnerable lyrics.

Combining these baroque elements with the prodding electronic percussion, ‘Scars’ is able to be both powerful and melancholic, with the expert composition helping convey the potent themes in majestic fashion. This intimacy is reinforced by the haunting ambiance of the closing minute, in which the wall of synths initiates a period of reflection following a passionate display.

As their most fulfilled single to date, ‘Scars’ lays the foundation for the future of SAVARRE, whose dynamic approach ensures they exist as one of the most exhilarating bands. Ones to watch.

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