The enigmatic California duo encapsulate the exuberance of Pop-Punk with their electric new single, ‘Senseless’.

Crossing paths via pop-punk/emo pages on Facebook, the virtual duo consisting of Panda (bassist) and Katerina (vocalist) have burst onto the scene with their shredding riffs, exhilarating percussion, and hostile vocals – reviving the attitude and vigour of a sound which dominated the early-to-mid 2000’s, forging some monumental hits.

Their latest single ‘Senseless’ – taken from their all-new self-titled album, epitomises the energy of Pop-Punk with great conviction, while also fusing the melodic riffs typically associated with Indie-Rock bands such as The Wombats. The end product is an exhilarating single which sounds just as pulsating as some of the genre’s biggest singles, of which each and every lyric are still belted out at house-parties across the globe.

Check out the official music video for ‘Senseless’ above

Starting out with distorted inflections throughout the opening verse, Katrina’s vocals erupt into a monstrous chorus in which she rages, “I wish I could feel again but my mind’s become so f***ing reckless”. Thanks to the impressive breakdown towards the end of the track, the crescendo which follows helps further accentuate the force of this chorus, which sounds just that bit more impressive when paired with the intricate drum fills.

Ones to watch for 2022.

Stream The 30s self-titled debut album on Spotify


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