The Charlotte rapper embraces her surroundings and delivers one of the most passionate EP’s of the year.

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Littyfromdacity has garnered online attention with the release of captivating singles such as ‘plates & dracos’ and ‘Product of 704’. A skilful MC whose tight cadence and solid pen game evoke confidence levels comparable to those of established artists, the independent female musician continues to expand her repertoire with the release of her first full length project, ‘The Distance’. An honest, hard-hitting body of work, the rapper’s debut EP strikes a fine balance between bravado and introspection, with her emotive songwriting painting the vivid landscapes of a life consumed by street temptations and family matters.

Unfazed by the prospect of fame, Littyfromdacity delivers one of the rawest EP’s of the year, with her dynamic flows and unapologetic lyrics extracting the very best from her determined attitude. As voiced on the punchy ‘FWM’, the female rapper insists she’s “writing these lyrics for my entertainment”, and it’s this composed, undaunted mindset which gives ‘The Distance’ its genuine and authentic qualities.

At her most confident, the independent musician can be heard imposing herself across a variety of instrumentals, with her crisply pronounced vocal delivery and impressive wordplay requiring no beat to hide behind. These qualities permit her to remain equally as powerful when spitting over more reserved and stripped back instrumentals such as the acoustic cut, ‘Dennis’. Despite being a spacious instrumental, the Charlotte rapper can be heard riding the grimacing 808s, trading verses with the guest feature in a manner which adds a lot of character to the minimalist sound of the track. Equally, her cogent delivery remains just as effective over the lush instrumentation on ‘Wassup’, where the lavish horn led production is matched by the album’s catchiest hook, combining to form what has all the hallmarks of commercial smash hit.  

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Embracing her no-nonsense street attitude, Littyfromdacity is also able to conjure up fiery and direct tracks such as ‘September’, where the brassy, hard-hitting instrumentation combines with her feisty wordplay to induce one of the project’s most daring cuts. “I got my credentials from the trenches”, she raps on ‘Dennis’, a line which pays homage to her environment, which remains one of the greatest influences of her work. As well as serving as inspiration for her rhymes, ‘Dedication’ reveals how the streets have helped shape her outlook on life. Flowing effortlessly over the woodwind melodic trap beat, the rapper can be heard revelling in her wisdom, delivering the philosophical lyric; “Death unexpected, we all gotta go, invest some time with your kin and your folk”.

But despite dabbling in an array of enthralling themes, it’s the rapper’s family which remains the overarching premise of the EP, whether the ones she loves, or the ones she’s lost. From the soulful vocals and opening piano melody on ‘Find Me’, the rapper’s ability to deliver emotive verses is quickly made apparent. These impactful rhymes surface throughout the record, helping construct introspective tracks such as ‘Shadows & Stones’ and ‘Proud of Me’ – the latter being a melodic closer where the rapper concludes the album insisting, “no matter what, I’m doing this for my family”.

A passionate and raw EP, ‘The Distance’ combines Littyfromdacity’s commanding presence and vivid storytelling to induce a captivating body of work. Flaunting her emphatic cadence and astute wordplay over an array of sounds, the Charlotte rapper tackles themes of loyalty, respect, and love in a truly unique manner, culminating in one the most sincere EP’s of 2022.

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