The electrifying Hard-Rock outfit conjure up a storm on their assertive self-titled EP.

Fronted by the vibrant and exhilarating guitarist/singer-songwriter Alex Domian, the electrifying hard-rock outfit announce themselves as the latest act to grace the compelling rock scene. A concise, yet experimental project, ‘Bhang Horn EP’ showcases the band at their most versatile, with its dynamic blend of Garage Rock, Shoegaze and Metal fusing to form what is a truly intoxicating project.

Heavy at its core, ‘Bhang Horn EP’ is often harsh and abrasive, with its skull-crushing riffs making for an emphatic listen. ‘Slaves’ and ‘Sick’ both flaunt these commanding traits, the former wasting no time getting into its groove, with its frenetic lead guitar and scintillating drumming laying the foundation for an extremely vitalising experience. Among the mayhem lies some undoubted post-punk influences, with the prominent bass and low registered vocals blending with the grimy mix to form an intense atmosphere. The equally adrenalizing ‘Sick’ is cut from the same cloth, with its heavy distortion and emphatic Garage-Rock rhythms generating a vigorous atmosphere reminiscent of The White Stripes.

Though the band appear to be in their element while engaging with these heavy, menacing grooves, ‘Magik Misery’ offers a potent reminder of their diversity, with its acoustic backdrop setting the stage for Domian’s hypnotic vocals, which combine to form an ethereal atmosphere which holds certain shades of 60’s psychedelic rock. Despite being more of a gradual, tension fuelled track, ‘New Stupid’ also flirts with these psychedelic elements, opening with the minimal instrumentation and trippy vocal inflections. However, unlike ‘Magik Misery’, this track explodes into sheer pandemonium, with its crashing hi-hats, energetic riffs and screamo vocals bringing the tune to a searing crescendo.

A prevalent feature throughout the EP, the heavily distorted mix helps forge a sinister, bellicose environment, which transcends the brazen atmosphere to new heights. But the band sound equally as impressive on the project’s most accessible track, ‘Necktie’. With the spacious mix allowing Domian to flaunt his impressive Thom Yorke style vocals, the singer is able to show his astounding songwriting qualities, as the emotive delivery intertwines with the infectious metal riffs, generating what feels like a scintillating mash-up of Radiohead and AC/DC.

Fusing such a wide range of influences across a relatively short project, Bhang Horn ensure their latest EP remains an enticing listen throughout its duration, with their unique qualities placing the band in good stead for a successful career in the ever-competitive music industry.


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