Hello Fiasco redefine 2000’s Pop-Rock with their resounding new album, ‘Find The Shoreline’.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Leaning on the evocative songwriting and resounding choruses which dominated early 2000’s Pop-Rock, the Canadian-American five-piece have rightfully earned comparisons with some of the scene’s most prodigious artists, including Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. But while undoubtedly inspired by this sentimental era of music, Hello Fiasco far from rely on its nostalgia, with their diverse soundscape and expressive lyricism presenting a definitive identity, showing just how innovative this style of music can sound almost 20 years since its heyday.  

With Spotify receiving an early release of ‘Find The Shoreline’ back in May, the band’s resounding potential is clear to see, with the album surpassing 1,000,000 streams in less than 2 months. An attack on the senses in the best possible way, ‘Find The Shoreline’ holds all the traits of an enthralling rollercoaster, with its deviating pace and fluctuant emotions ensuring no two songs sound the same. ‘It Makes Sense’ kickstarts the ride in impressive fashion, gently climbing the chain lift with the diligent piano chords and probing percussion, gradually introducing the bass before embracing gravity and detonating into the first mammoth chorus of the album.

The emphatic five-piece have amassed over 1,000,000 streams on ‘Find The Shoreline’ since its Spotify release in May. Photo Credit: JSenftphotography

These grand, abrasive choruses crop up time and time again throughout the album, and are a testament to Ivan Burke’s penetrating percussion, and lead vocalist, Eric LaBossiere’s imposing vocals, which at an instance can propel a track into sheer pandemonium. ‘Listen To Me’ and ‘Hold Me Close’ offer two great examples of this capability, the latter of which is dying to have their lyrics pelted back at the band by a rowdy arena crowd. The incredible ‘Gorgeous Girl’ shares similar traits, however the track’s 80’s new-wave elements feature some glossy synths, evading your cranium like shooting stars in the night sky, while the infectious chorus sounds like something which would go off at any indie club across the globe.

But showing their diverse approach to songwriting, Hello Fiasco are equally as captivating on the more sombre, mellow cuts. ‘Atlantis & Compatible’ is a perfect example, where the slow, conserved acoustic instrumental sets the stage for some incredible harmonies between singer and guest vocalist Erin Propp, who’s ethereal vocals help invoke a dream-state atmosphere on the track. ‘Words Are Fast’ offers an alternative example of this, with the delineation of the potency of words emphasised through the melancholic slide guitar and the elucidatory lyrics; “my words did the killing”.

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This balance of compelling stadium anthems and provocative, acoustic slow burners proves the band are the furthest thing from one-dimensional, offering breath-taking passages which are impossible to foresee. While much of the credit rightfully lies with the band, praise must also be accredited to the meticulous Randy Merrill, who’s contributions towards mastering the final results of John Paul Peters’ production and exquisite mix extracted the very best. Knowing exactly when to include (or even exclude) certain elements is a hard craft to master, yet the band repeatedly show their class on this front. An example of this adroitness is the inclusion of the haunting strings on ‘Before Time Leaves You’, offering a chilling touch, while exemplifying the feeling of yearning projecting from the track.

Thematically, ‘Find The Shoreline’ is as diverse as it is sonically, covering a range of emotions from pain to elation, grief then heartbreak. But amongst its diversity, one element which crops up repeatedly is the concept of ‘time’. ‘Before Time Leaves You’ certainly falls under this category, with its evocative approach reinstating time’s one-way street, constructed to be taken advantage of. This is tackled from a different perspective on ‘One Phone Call’, a brutal heartbreak anthem which reinforces our strong outlook on the past, with the lyrics “if you don’t do things before it is too late” expressing the impact emotions have on the linear construct of time.

‘Trust’ closes the album in fine fashion, a cinematic finale who’s omitted crescendo is replaced with the sombre closing note of “we revel in the pain”. But whether indulging in the empathy of ‘Worried Sick’ or revelling in the swagger of the Queens of the Stone Age sounding riffs on ‘Chess’, the Canadian-American quintet invoke every possible emotion throughout ‘Find The Shoreline’, and the finesse with which this is achieved provides a solid foundation for the band to build on. A truly electrifying album.

Favourite Tracks: It Makes Sense, Before Time Leaves You, Gorgeous Girl, Atlantis & Compatible

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Jenny Tencha · July 31, 2022 at 5:57 am

Love this review on Hello Fiasco. It’s very accurate and I can tell the writer fell in love with them like I did. What a great band! And I am so glad they are starting to surface. Heard about them through a friend, and then one day their music finally popped in my Spotify when the band did an early release of the album…and wow, I agree with the above remarks. I absolutely love the whole record too but the most special songs for me are “Before Time Leaves You” and “Atlantis and Compatible.” I mean, the rock songs are awesome but there is something so special about their acoustic driven tunes. Love them and hope they come to Minneapolis soon!

Trisha Stanley · July 31, 2022 at 6:39 am

Gonna be honest here. I kept hearing my friend play their song “Words Are Fast” over and over and I was like, why do you keep listening to them? LOL! Here am I listening to the album on repeat now because I finally get it…There is something about them. Anyway, I like the hard-hitting songs more. “Hold Me Close,” “Worried Sick” and “One Phone Call” for me boys and girls. I bet they would sound amazing on a big stage.

Raquel · July 31, 2022 at 7:10 am

Absolutely love this review as it led me to this band! This album brings it all and then some. All we need is a tour please!

Marco · July 31, 2022 at 9:17 pm

A to Z, a wonderful debut album!

Roland Maitre · August 1, 2022 at 4:46 pm

The music from the first to the last track are as great as the art work on the cover! Bravo!

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