Mercvrial retrace the spirit of the 80’s with their tantalising blend of Post-Punk, Shoegaze and Dream-Pop.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Following the oneiric radiance of their 2019 EP, ‘The Stars, Like Dust’, the Mexican based quintet presents their full-length debut with newfound conviction and a refined sense of sophistication. Combining the dark, pernicious riffs of the U.K. post-punk scene, with the gleaming, illusory ambience of the 80’s Dream-Pop synths, Mercvrial reignite the flame of a timeless decade.

Remaining true to the murky, resentful foundations lying at the very core of any worthy post-punk groove, ‘Brief Algorithms’ capitalises on the infectious formula of angular guitar work, heavy reverb, and figurative lyricism. Opening with the prominent bass on ‘Be That Someone’, the eclectic five-piece immediately set the tone for what’s to follow; mellifluent harmonies entangling with the slick, intricate grooves, all while fending off the impending doom emerging from the piercing reverb. And combined with the inspired addition of the scintillating neo-psychedelic riff, I don’t feel Mercvrial could’ve kickstarted the album in better fashion.

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Embracing the darker elements of the 80’s sound, the Mexican contingent revel in their arcane rhythms and hostile riffs, both of which when combined induce explosive passages such as the snappy pandemonium emitted from the enticing guitar riffs on ‘I Never Liked You Anyway’. A similar sense of hostility is displayed on ‘Dark Stars’, this time through the hazily compressed shoegaze setting, whose claustrophobic atmosphere sharply resembles a soul “lost inside the psychotropic psychosphere”. Fittingly drowning in sardonicism, David’s witty lyrics provide a fine balance of comedic cynicism, which elicit some humorously blunt one-liners such as the ‘Look Inside’ quotable; “Life is cruel, and so am I”.

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But while undoubtedly bathing in the resigned despondency of the post-punk predilection, there remains a glimmer of hope right throughout ‘Brief Algorithms’. This optimism presents itself through a range of modalities; the shimmering synths on ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’, the defiant drumming on ‘Hail of Arrows’, and the heartfelt cries of “you’ve gotta look inside for love” on the aptly titled, ‘Look Inside’ – all of which find purpose in spite of the album’s nihilistic undertones.

While certainly nothing revolutionary, ‘Brief Algorithms’ leans on the imperishable sounds of the 80’s, crafting a distinct, yet captivating album, which prudently stabilises the cold dejection of post-punk, with the warming grace of the Dream-Pop synths.

Favourite Tracks: Be That Someone, I Never Liked You Anyway, Hiroshima Mon Amour

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