Lyia Meta asserts her dominance on the embellished ‘You Think About Me’.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Building on the success of 2021’s mellifluent ‘15013’ EP, the International multi-award-winning singer has returned with the bodacious ‘You Think About Me’; a 5-track EP which displays the very best of her enlivening spirit.

Taking off with the lavish ‘Uptown Tonight’, the Malaysian singer embraces the opulence, “living up the good life” with 24 karat dreams, penthouse clubs and Dom Pérignon. Projecting her stylish, resonant vocals, Lyia immediately displays remarkable levels of confidence, with her infectiously sophisticated approach intertwining with Bob McGilpin’s rich instrumentation, welcoming a refined style of ritzy soul. This certitude is also present on the playful ‘You Always Come Home to Me’, with Lyia’s assertively persuasive vocals revealing how she possesses “all the loving that you’ll ever need”.

Lyia Meta is a Grammy Award®️ 1st balloted artist, and an International multi-award-winning artist.

With each track co-written alongside Tennessee producer/songwriter Bob McGilpin, the chemistry on ‘You Think About Me’ is clear to see, with the immaculate blend of style and charisma causing the EP to flow with great conviction. This interplay can be heard on ‘Black High Heels’, where the glossy synths and spirited sax solo complement Lyia’s captivating, husky vocals – once again embracing her confident “charm and sex appeal”.

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‘You Think About Me the Way I Think About You’ showcases Lyia’s dynamic versatility, with her warm vocal tonalities sounding equally as impressive over the upbeat, blues-inspired instrumentation of the Rhodes piano. Transitioning into the sombre, jazzy ‘A Real Man Can’, it becomes increasingly apparent that Lyia can do it all, extending into a higher register in pristine fashion, delivering a beautiful performance over the EP’s most intimate instrumental.

Combining elements of Soul, Blues, Jazz and R&B, ‘You Think About Me’ embraces a wide scope of inspirations, constituting a short body of work which features a wealth of instrumentation. Eloquently mixed and masterly performed, Lyia’s latest EP reveals the self-assurance of an artist at the top of their game.

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