Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The introspective third instalment of North Carolina rap phenomenon’s ‘Triple Bypass’ series embraces the freedom of a post-pandemic life.

Ty Bru’s 5th album ‘Triple Bypass-Extraction’ is released on June 11th, 2022

Conceptually formulated on an allegorical heart failure inflicted across his musical odyssey, the underground king’s fifth, and latest album is one abounding in sentiment and introspection, with its raw emotion precociously encapsulating the wretchedness of the uncertain times we find ourselves in. But while his heart has consistently been placed at the centre of his discography, Ty Bru’s indispensable levels of experience allow him to canvas his thoughts in a sophisticated, mature manner. Such is the case on the heart-rending ‘Legacy’, a love-letter to the game he married aged just nineteen, on which the powerful, cloying piano chords lurk behind Ty as he addresses the pressure, dejection and self-doubt which accompany his beloved art form.

Though unlike many of his peers, Ty possesses a compelling delivery which helps accentuate this accomplished sense of storytelling, with neither attribute having to compromise. With a cadence resembling that of a Killer Mike, you’re obliged to pay full attention to every lyric, which constantly feels more impactful than the last. While maintaining a fairly consistent delivery throughout, there are occurrences where Ty injects some innovation into his verses, such as the skippy flows on the triumphant closure, ‘Rearview’, as well as the puckish demeanour presented on ‘IDKAAB’, who’s sass is made to be even more effective by adopting vocal tonalities reminiscent of Schoolboy Q. Ultimately, this ability to acquire elements from some of the greats, while also remaining completely unique, is what make’s Ty’s verses so infectious.

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‘Triple Bypass: Extraction’ possesses a distinct style, in which the blunt, vigorous verses often contradict the luxurious nature of the production. This approach is acknowledged by the North Carolina rapper as early as the emphatic opener, ‘Do To ‘Em’, on which he delivers the lyric; “I’m a classy individual, but I’m mixed with street”. This dynamic is achieved throughout the record and can be attributed to the irrefutable chemistry between Ty and producer/longtime friend, Westtopher, who’s opulent approach to producing makes for some alluring instrumentals. While inducing heavy bass and prominent snares behind the soul-chopped samples, production on tracks such as ‘Love Hurts’ immediately possess a ‘College Dropout’ aura about them, laying the foundations for Ty to deliver some powerful verses. This formula elicits a sense of nostalgia, which should come as no surprise given how a portion of the beats were cooked up during their college years back in 2003. But almost 20 years later, Ty’s passion and drive has revitalised this sound in impressive fashion, with the renewed sense of modernism exhibiting just how timeless music can be.

By now a veteran in the underground hip-hop scene, Ty Bru’s latest album reflects a sense of wisdom and maturity, of which are consistently reflected throughout the album. Such sophistication is apparent on tracks like ‘State of reMind’, on which Ty embraces his introspection while acknowledging “tomorrows not promised” as he raps over yet another smooth soul sample. This realisation reflects Ty’s do-or-die attitude, and desire to live in the moment, which coincide with his desire to receive appreciation in the present, and not once he’s gone. ‘Lockdown Lifted’ displays similar levels of maturity, on which the nostalgic, illusive ambience resembles a late-night summer’s drive along the coast. While clearly corresponding to the freedom of life in a post-pandemic world, lyrics such as “Live to love, ‘cause we love to live” also reflect an evolved mindset, in which the hardships of the last couple of years have undeniably provided Ty with a new appreciation for life.

This wisdom and maturity, coexisting with a renewed sense of hunger, ensure ‘Triple Bypass: Extraction’ exists as one of Ty’s most compelling releases to date. Across consistent verses, full of emotion and introspection, Ty’s new sense of appreciation is conveyed over some glossy, luxurious instrumentation, ultimately making for an album which is both assertive, yet soulful.

Favourite Tracks: Do To ‘Em, State of reMind, Legacy, Lockdown Lifted

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