The London rapper discusses the inspirations behind his new EP, ‘The Devils Apprentice’.  

Less than a year into his musical career, the artist known as ‘Lil Murky’ has already began to make strides within the music industry. A London based rapper, Murky’s style is predicated on the melodic trap waves which dominated the US mainstream throughout the 2010s. These influences can be heard within his expressive vocals, whose despondent tone culminates in a myriad of agonising harmonies. Inspired by generational talents such as the late Juice Wrld, the English rapper now has his own aspirations of setting the SoundCloud rap scene alight.

‘The Devils Apprentice by Lil Murky.

Cashing in on the hype of his debut EP ‘Emotionally Murked’, the rapper’s swift follow-up ensures the momentum continues to build. Maintaining the impressive melodies and introspective lyrics, ‘The Devils Apprentice’ expands on his previous work, with a diverse selection of beats extracting the very best from his versatile vocals.

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An intimate project which is both vulnerable and revealing, ‘The Devils Apprentice’ places the spotlight on Murky’s personal thoughts. With its dark exploration into mental health and inner-demons, the melodic master has landed on a formula which balances his sombre lyrics with some infectiously catchy choruses. Continuing to grow as an artist, his latest EP features contributions from international artists. Forming great chemistry, while flaunting some tight new flows, Murky shows he’s come a long way in such  a short space of time.

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with the promising artist. Here’s what he had to say about his new EP:

First of all, welcome to Cultural Reset! It’s a pleasure to have you on. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with your come-up, please provide an overview of your musical journey to date.

I’m an upcoming recording singer and rapper from England London. I started my journey almost a year ago when I dropped my first single.

Congratulations on the release of your emotive EP, ‘The Devils Apprentice’. How excited are you for the public to hear your latest body of work?

Very excited, I’ve got a mix of different styles and genres on there that I think could cater to everyone and hopefully bring some new fans along the way.

Explain the concept behind the album’s title. What inspired you to name it ‘The Devils Apprentice’?

“The Devils Apprentice” gets its name from the story of the EP which is, to stop going through hell I had to team up with the devil.

Watch the official lyric video for ‘Pathway to Heaven’ on YouTube.

Whether it’s God or the devil, you make frequent references to religion throughout the EP, particularly on tracks such as the closing ‘Pathway to Heaven’. Would you classify yourself as a spiritual individual, and if so, to what extent does spirituality inspire your work?

I’m not really a religious person, I was trying to create the story of me trying to find my pathway to heaven to get god to forgive me for becoming the devils apprentice, I do believe in god however.

Adopting a melodic trap approach throughout this EP, you seem to have identified a lane which impressively compliments your sombre vocals. Have you always been drawn to this style of music, or is it something that required a lot of experimentation?

Definitely been drawn to this style from the start as I was and still am a big juice WRLD fan , I love his message and want to possibly create the same thing without the drugs.

You touch on some intimate and personal topics right across ‘The Devils Apprentice’: insomnia, depression, and alcohol abuse. Would you say music provides an outlet for you to freely express your thoughts and emotions? Does it help you confront your demons?

Absolutely however a lot of the things I speak on is from what I’ve seen or I’ve used other people’s struggles or situations and make songs out of them. I don’t drink etc

The tracks ‘Driveby’ and ‘Feels Like Home’ both feature collaborations from international artists. How did these features come about?

Just before Driveby I got hit up to be on a song by Jourdan Brothern. It’s probably my favourite song I’m on to date, so from there I knew I wanted him on a song, and I thought this would be a good fit. With Ca$h Ca$ino he’s a real life friend of mine who I met in college, and I knew he could easy fit the song. With feels like home it’s the same situation with Lil Cyan X he got me on a song, and I thought he would fit great on mine , and me and da_lil_richie have spoken about making a song before so we made it happen.

Finally, can we expect future music to be in the same vein as ‘The Devils Apprentice’, or do you intend to experiment with other sounds?

The devils apprentice will be an era of its own I wouldn’t expect myself to make something this dark again. I want to prove my versatility so expect some house rage and rock sounds over time.

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